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Benefits Of Ved Rakshi :
The Ayurvedic Immunity Booster

Ved Rakshi is an ayurvedic immunity booster product which comes both as immunity booster capsule and immunity booster syrup form. Both capsule and syrup and capsule are made with 7 vital herbs which apart from acting together as immunity booster also serves their individual benefits too.

Known as the holy herb, it vitalizes and stimulates body, protects against infections, lowers blood sugar, eases inflammation, protects stomach, reduces stress and anxiety. It has high nutritional value (Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A & C).

Boosts immunity, treats chronic fever, improves digestion, treats diabetes, reduces stress and anxiety, fights respiratory problems and reduces asthamatic sympotms

Used as a treatment for fever, indigestion, wounds, skin diseases and abdomen pain due to worms and constipation.

Shield the liver from toxins, maintains healthy lymph and immune function.

Cures diarrhea caused due to indigestion, controls blood sugar, aids in blood purification, eases a burning sensation and used in treatment of digestive system and cough.

Helps in flatulence-intestinal worms, asthma, obesity and arthritis.

Used to cure epilepsy, mental illness, hemicrania, jaundice, hepatopathy, diabetes, leprosy, fever, pectoralgia, cough, gastropathy, hernia, haemorrhoids, helminthiasis, dyspepsia and skin diseases.

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My mother was diagnosed with Covid+, after taking Ved Rakshi Neer and Capsule daily for 7 days, she was tested negative and other family members including me remained covid negative. Wonderful effects!



I was corona positive, had lot of trouble and was very afraid. But, after taking this immunity booster which was delivered to me at only Rs.300 each, I tested negative and now, live happily.



Thanks to Ved Rakshi, me and my family could resume work, go out for walks, dinners and shopping. We take ved rakshi neer everyday in noon & evening, it helps us stay confident while going out. Also, after taking it we notice improved digestion and good sleep everday.

Mannat Sawant


After 15 days of facing issues due to corona, I got to know about Ved Rakshi & ordered Neer and Capsule for myself and my family. I and my family are 100% fine now and consuming it regularly. Must order.

Anant S Chauhan


After knowing effects of Ved Rakshi, I ordered 10 syrup online which were delivered to me in 3 days. We take it daily twice. Now, me and my family go out for work without any worries. Best immunity booster for all age group.

Stuti Agarwal


Why Stronger Immunity Is Required?

A strong immunity means a stronger gut and a healthy body. Having a stronger immune system helps not only fight foreign bodies but also infections, viruses and all kinds of pathogens. And having one requires balance and harmony. A person’s lifestyle and eating habits has a lot to communicate when quantifying someone’s immune system. What you put in your body resonates internally and externally. Having a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet with daily exercise will most definitely help achieve a stronger gut. It will act as a shield towards pathogens and will keep you away from infections. Buy an ayurvedic immunity booster to get your immune system right!


Today it is more than important to lay emphasis on having a stronger immune system with so many infections and viruses being around us. Thus, all eyes have been on how to get immunity and a stronger immune system.

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